Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye bye 2010

Well,its the 2nd last day of 2010,,so byeeeee 2010,tq for such a memories,tq for the joyss and painss...I am soooo looking forward for next year..=)

.2009 eve.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its been a month sayang...=)

For my super sweet, super sabar Trex,

Hey,its been a month sayang since the Big E Day...and I have nothing to say besides I LOVE U SO MUCH...=)..mmmuuuacchh..thank u for keeping up with me all these time, i know i gave u a big headache but u manage to hang on rite..keh3..thxxxxx,,really appreciate it..Altho we`re far apart but a lot has happened huh, once Perang Dingin until i surrender since SOMEBODY merajuk sampai demam2..(which is so sweet actually), lot of arguments regarding our tarikh nikah (hey,the lambat the better sayang, i dont mind waiting, ignore our parents k...=P), like u said, we better enjoy our singlehood while we can sebab after nikah we`ll be stuck together like a glue kalau ade org yg beria nak kawin cepat ke ape ke,dat is definitely NOT me..=)...and am I glad or wat to hear that u have the same thought..what`s the rush kan..=). Well yeah,, i`m sorry for a couple of things i have done to u in the past 1 month:
  • Sorry I kept terrorizing ur space and privacy
  • Sorry I have mulut laser (i can be cluesless sumtime, cakap x fikir habis)
  • Sorry I asik ugut nak pulang cincin (which is ridiculous, i LOVEEEEE this cincin so much, still remember how I kept pleading u to buy this cincin instead of others?? Heck I xkan lepaskan this cincin for nothing...=P)
  • and lastly sorry for being so emotional lately...ehemm,,biasa ar perempuan...=P
Thank you for all the sweetest thing u have done since we met:
  • Thx you for not failing (not even once) to text me every nite and morning. U just proved to me, i am in ur mind before u go to sleep and after u wake up. Sweet sayang, I love it so much..=)
  • Thx for rushing all the to Subang, everytime i need u, regardless of the time....I reallllllly aprreciate it so much...he3
  • Thx for remembering our important dates
  • Thx for wearing pink colour (altho u try to wear it as seldom as u can..well, i cant be satisfy enuf)
  • Thx for making me chubby and penuh dgn lemak..kah3..i love it sayang, i loveeeee makan2 bersama kamu..=P
  • Thx for all the love notes and kisses
  • Thx for all the little teddy ( i dah xde tempat nak letak syg,jgn beli lagi )
  • Thx for letting me spending ur money (OMG, i love it soooooo much..muacccchhhh)
  • Thx for being by my side no matter what..(it feels good to have sumbody to lean on)
  • Thx for being my bapuk aww aww (i love it everytime u do a catwalk for me...he3)
  • and finally, thx so much for being my Sayang, u the greatest of all,...=D

My Aww Aww..=P

Monday, December 13, 2010

::Welcome 2011::

Year 2010 hampir menutup tirainya..and syukur alhamdulillah all my wishes for 2010 has been granted,,I got my degree this year, ..ntah menda2 ntah lagi yg len tu,,x igt da,, yang penting my main wishes, I want my Trex for real da termakbul,,syukur alhamdulillah kot..=D..hopefully next year will be as merry as this year...ooh for next year all I ever wanted is to live happily by my Lemak Manis and family/friends...hopefully..=)

Friday, December 3, 2010

He loves me more than I do..(terharunyeee..huhhuu)

On the 10th day selepas ditunangkan, we had a very BIG fight..reason: ade la,hanya kami yg tahu...keh3(baik xyah ckp kan..)..we didnt talk for 4 days(the longest time we ever mogok) and i almost ingin memutuskan pertunangan sayang nk lepas my gojess cincin,,he3 (kerek je lebih) nk jadi crite on the 5th day, i msg him --> We need to talk. and he replied, Ok syg, sorry 2 3 hari ni xde mood, demam... perghhh,hati yg sekeras2 batu tadi trus cair bile dgr si die demam (kesiannye..huhuhu)..he didnt need to tell me how much he loves me and how important i am to him (xperlu la nak jiwang2 ke ape ke)..him body just showed it to me..he demam..=(...sebenarnye da lama kot benda ni,lately baru prasan, setiap kali perang ke mogok ke, mesti die yg sakit,,walhal aku, maintain beb.(siap bole kluar shopping lagik, jahat kan?)..back to the main point, ptg tu i called him, asking for his condition..ehem,ckp garang lagi time ni (ego...),
Me: Knape bole demam?
Him: Bcoz of u, u yg buat I...."
Me: U yg ego..
Him: U
Me: Keras kepala..
Him: U la..
(He sound so sad, i feel like i want to peluk him and tell him everything will be ok,huhuhu)
Bla bla bla.....still arguing who are the ego-est of all,then we hung up
---next few hours, I text him---
Me: I rindu tunang i yg ego dan keras kepala tu
Him: Igt i x rindu tunang i yg lagi super super ego dan super duper keras kepala tu?
(cehhh, do we have to go through this kind of argument everytime??)
---next few hours, he called me---

I cant remember the details, time ni baru la dpt bercakap heart to heart, cuma igt beberapa point yg buat saye sgtttt terharu..he was apologizing for his behaviour (sebenarnye bukan salah dia kot, i`m at fault too), then he said sumthing about how he was waiting for my text/call, and how it broke his heart when i never text/call, he was in tears till tertido..bile tersedar he check for his phone and kecewa xde any text or call from me..he said dlm tdo he dreamed of me,alone in the dark ntah kat mana2 ntah, crying..(which is amazing, I do cry for him in the dark in the middle of the nite,,Ya Allah, terpaku aku sekejap, betapa besarnya kasih dan syg die utk aku, die demam utk aku, menangis utk aku,,he can even feel wat i feel..masyaAllah, tak mungkin aku nak lepas lelaki ni..=) . I LOVE IT SO MUCH WHEN U CRY FOR ME SAYANG..=D...thank you sayang, terima kasih sgt1000x....bile die ckp camtu i just realized what an idiot i am, bole lak terpikir nak putus tunang..bodo la QILA kalo terlepas mamat ni..

Then lepas tu baru die cerita kenapa die keraskan hati xnak start msg dlu..ehem,,die kata bukan sebab ego ek,cuma nak test kekerasan hati dan tahap ke-egoan saye..(yer la tuhh), then he start mumbling about how he regret having this be continue in next post, keje byk daaaa.....=)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Weds anyone?

Its been a week since the BIG day..(almost la, since i know i wont be online on weekend, so better blogging skg kan)..So things are back to normal, xde lagi dah kawan2 yg kepoh2 sebab x invite them over for the big day (relak la weh, tunang je kot, wedding nnt aku jemput la )..AMANNNN,,, still not sure bout the tarikh for the big day,,parents: both mine and him wanted to melangsungkan pernikahan kami pada bulan JUN next pulak, I wanted badly the wedding to be as lambat as possible..while for HIM, he dont mind, he`ll go with majority ---> such a lalang (i x kutuk u sayang..=P )...x diskus pon lagi, saje buat2 senyap,hopefully they`ll faham..i mean marriage is a big responsibility kot ...jaga diri sendiri pon x reti,ade hati nak jaga anak org kan,,so i amm sooooo not ready to get rasa mcm x bersyukur pulak,ade sesetengah org betol2 nak kawin tp x cukup bajet la, bf x ready terbalik pulak..sumpah,,mmg sgt bersyukur..tapi this is about responsibility and i am f**kingly not ready to be a wife. tp yg bestnye Trex bg buat preparation awal.yeayyyyyy...i likee..=), so tomorrow i`ll start with wedding ring hunting..yeayyyy..gedix gile kot...but i dont mind at all, its my wedding, its my fiance and its my money(well, its Trex actually..=P),,,moms and dads,,please please please postphone the wedding, i really wanted to have an end of the year kott..instead of bln 6..puhleaaaazzzzzeeee......=P

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yeayyy, I`m a fiance....=)

Its almost3 days since the engagement, pergghhh wat a day and i love every second of it. =) =) =)..hugsssss and kissessss to those who made it happened....mum,dad,Qid...friends and family (u know who u are)...i LOVE u all, thxx for sharing the big moment wit me. Dengan dua cincin dan seutas rantai, saya telah dirisik, dipinang dan ditunangkan kepada MOHD FIRDAUS RADZI..yeayyyyy..I`m so happy.I had nothing to write here, so i guess i`ll let the pix do the talking...=) . On second thought let me cerite bout wat actually happen after the engagement.. So basically, after we`re officially engaged, Trex is both my bf and my fiance..ditto for wat we do is, we both get carried away (in short jakun ..=P ) with the he kept calling me Hi Tunang...and i replied sayang u so much Tunang...and dat short of thingies...which is short of jakun..hak3..wat to do..first time getting engage.(and i hope it will be the only one)..jakun but true,,and it still berlarutan till now..ha3..but I dont care..i`m happy and i have all i need by my gebu, family and friendsss...there`s nothing else i can ask for...=)

p/s: On 3rd thought (ha3, theres no such thing, i made it up,sorry)...just browse my fb for the pix..wayyyy to busy to upload anything at the moment...

Monday, November 8, 2010

:Things to be done:

Ok..1 week and 6 days to go...syukur akhamdulillah byk benda da settle..
  1. Cincin
  2. My baju
  3. His baju
  4. Mak Andam - x finalize lagik, perlu ke make up ni?
  5. Tukang Gubah Hantaran
  6. Barang Hantaran
  7. Bffs, check.. will be coming with their partners..altho` for Nar, I have no idea kat ceruk mana die, cant be able to contact him, so Nar, if u`re not flying, text me woii, i have big news!!...Teddy wont be coming ,banjirrrrr...huhuhu..
  8. Bakery for cupcakes- suddenly MIA, a bit worried, so miss Helly, please text me ASAP, so we can finalize the cupcakes..
  9. Tukang sarung cincin...hahaha..=P, hope she will likes me..=)
  10. Tukang mengopakkan duit....always ready untuk mengbankrapkanTrex!...=D
  11. Tukang keluar duit..(he will not be happy when all the bills sampai nnt..but i guess it doesnt matter kot..he`s in love wit me, i`m in love with him..thats all dat matters rite?)
  12. Full time consultant, yeah my mom...(who else), seems like she`s not happy with the way i`m spending Trex money...dont worry mom,i`ll work harder next year and earn more money...=D ..Fikir2 balik, tak spend byk pon,maybe nampak byk sebab asik shopping,tp shopping benda2 kecik kot,(I put the blame onTrex , die yang super cerewet and kaki shopping,yeah he loves shopping more than I do...=P)..seriously mom..if calculate balik..mmg x spend byk..=)
p/s: For the fiancee/ bride to be, prepare awal weh, kalau x mmg x bole buat keje lain, risau memikirkan The Big day...tido pon asik nightmaressss je (seriously)..

Igtkan dlu nak buat as simple as can, tp bile da melibatkan byk hati, makin bertambah2 pulak..hmmmmm...baru tau susah rupanye nak mnjaga byk hati ni,,dan susahnye nak kumpulkan semua org kt satu tempat di masa yg sama....=|

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Countdown to the BIG day!!!

Just 2 more weeks to the big day, byk lg kot x siap (kalut, kalut..huhuhu)....gubahan hantaran, his baju, photographer..(hmmm,xde la byk kot)...gubahan? mum has been changing the mak andam since last week, so we havent decided yet nak guna sape to gubah my hantaran, (ours actually)...cepat la mum, i really dont care who did it, as long as u get it settle as fast as possible,,,(kepalaku da nak meletup nih, hantaran x siap lagik..!!!..huhuhuu)...Trex`s baju, we`ll get it by the end of this week, we opt for kemeja, no baju melayu please.--> my mum n his mum said macam nak nikah lak..hak3...(so hopefully we`ll get sumthing,  knowing that mamat gebu sgt cerewet..ha3, please syg, u better get ur shirt by this week or else i`ll turn to pink incredible hulk! Seriously, i mean it!!...xtau la, tp mcm i`m the only one yg kalut for this tunang thingy..Trex of course concentrating on his work, buat2 dont know, leaving everything to me..once in a while he will call me saying "cuak la sayang"...yea la tu, like i x cuak !!!..=D....x sabar nak tunggu 21/11/2010..I`m getting engage!!! yeayyyyy..=D Oh yeah, i still cant find henna design that i like, need to bagi to the mak andam by this byk jugak la sebenarnye x settle lagi  ...=(

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Girl

"Hehehee.aku mmg da book diri sendiri dah nak g tunang ko makcik" --> aku sayang tuan punye msg ni, my besties (forever..he3)...the one yg suppper, i mean suppppppperr excited for me eventho kitaorg dah lama x jumpe, and i really didnt expect that from her, atleast not when we havent contact each other for the longest time ever..the way she was behaving made me realized i miss her more than anything..remember the time u`re there for my fyp and we`re hugging and screaming when i pass? omigoshh, i really miss u..kalau la ko ade depan mata aku weh, surely we`ll scream louder that dat kan bile Trex purpose..(neway he was crying like a baby weh, sure ko gelak sakan kalo ko ade, i am not sure tho' how Nyet will react..)...i really miss u weh,seriously..i miss everything,,kite kutuk ape je yg melintas depan mata sampai awal pagi, bake cupcakes sampai microwave ko terbakar (hak3..), window shopping and kutuk lagi, makan aym grg kt up10.....=D..lets do that again sumtime ...ko tau x, I AM SO EXCITED SEEING U`RE HAPPY FOR ME ( bangang punye ayat, i know..but u know me..hak3..)

Monday, October 25, 2010

When he says the magic words...ha3

Well its official now, i`m getting engage on 21st Nov 2010..I know its really around the corner..hak3..the very last minute keputusan (thxxx all the way to Trex mum, she`s the one too eager to have this engagement secepat mungkin)..=P..First time dgr Trex kata his mum suruh bertunang next month,mula2 mcm x nak kot..the very last minute weh,,(al maklum la, dlm kepala da fikir mcm2 nak buat tuk majlis pertunangagn..he3)...but then why not kan, disebabkan ade lah "sumbody who`s going away for a moment"...and with his absence majlis pertunangan ni x kan berjalan,so terpaksa la..its now or never cakap kat Trex.."Okeh,sett..bantai suda..kite buat sehabis baik,,eventho last minutes..yeayyyy!!!!..we`re getting engage in 3 more weeks....=P =P...

So last Sat, we`re looking for my cincin merisik and cincin tunang when he says the word that every girl wanted to hear --> "Just pick any ring u want, I dont mind the long as u`re happy"..double yeayyyy!!!! macam org gile la tarik die ke hulur ke hilir carik cincin..and finally selepas seharian mencari "D Ring" around 7.30pm kot...i`ve finally found the ring......and my god, he looks super lega kot (finally,jumpe pon cincin idaman,tak sia2 kaki penat berjalan)..=D so 3 three ring and 1 pendant all white gold (kureng skit ar nak pakai yellow gold or rose gold, eventho his mum prefer yellow gold..sorry future mummy mertua.I really cant see myself in yellow gold)..hu3...2 ring for me (cincin risik and cincin tunang), 1 cincin tunang for him and 1 pendant for me (he says its a token of love from him to me)..thxxxx cayang...i lapppp u so basically its a happy weekend for me..on Suns, carik baju pulak..i tot nak carik baju kurung, nampak sopan skit kan..suddenly my mum have another idea, since xnak menghampakan hati go along jer pergi la kitaorg berdua merayau mencari  "D Dress" plak..kah3..mum & daughter time.carik2 then suddenly kat satu butik ni,terjumpa satu xtau nak panggil ape,,jubah + dress kot..super lawa, super sweet..pergghh,,trus cuba,muat la pulak..x pandang lain da..yeayyyy,i`ve found my baju threre`s still a lot to do..hantaran + the foods,bla bla...i`m only excited in the ring + dress actually, the rest will leave it all to mum and t-rex....he3.... duhhh, aku nak tunang lg 3 minggu, ape nak buat masa tunang pon aku x tauu...=P

Monday, October 18, 2010


On 17/10/2010 at exactly 9.30pm (lebey kurang la kot)...location Kopitiam, he PROPOSE !!! OMG!! yeayyy!!! I said YES and he CRIED... the sweetest thing ever..and that moment i know i`ll LOVE HIM FOREVER...... sebelum tu on 16/10/2010, during breakfast (we had b`fast together with the parents),he told my parents, so approval from parents = check, his parents = check.... when he told about his "lovely" plans, i was shocked to death, speechless wehh..balik je rumah mmg dgn x puas hati nye attack die balik.. WHY DIDNT HE ASK ME FIRST, WHY DIDNT HE PROPOSE ME FIRST before he meets my parents. Mcm org kena rasuk jugak la marah2 kat dia (kesian..hu3)..then hari ahad die ajak keluar at exactly where we had our first date, kat meja yg sama lagi..he hold both my had and ask me to marry him..i said YES and he CRIED (sorry, tau da crite tadi cuma I AM SUPER EXCITED )..he3...I LOVE HIM, NOW AND FOREVER...syukur alhamdullillah..i am so bahagia at the moment...=) I AM SOOO IN LOVE IN MOHD FIRDAUS RADZI...

Friday, October 15, 2010


Well my bff fly to Seoul and he got me a lip gloss keychain..OMG!! dat is sooo GAY, it never occured to me that he will actually bought me a lip kaler lagi..I REALLY CANT BELIEVE THIS!!! DUH.....well, for the price of 13 years of friendship,,  *wink wink...=P
( tho` i really prefer choc and top as u usually get me..just fyi .. =D )

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

.Nenek Baik Hati.

Pagi tadi mcm biasa pergi la buang sampah kt bawah blok apartment aku..kena buat manual, al maklum la ni bukannyer macam masa kt Uniten dlu,,ada tong sampah besar kt tiap2 floor..sumenye kena turun ke parking bawak la beg2 sampah skali..letak kt atas keta cam skit sampai ke hujung jalan (tong sampah kt ujung la pulak..huuuuuu)..sampai je depan tong sampah,ade la nenek ni tgh jogging (tiap2 hari pon nampak nenek ni jogging)..baru nak kuar keta tiba2 nenek ni bole le bebel2 dlm bahasa cina (mana la aku faham...), igtkan terlanggar die ke,masuk line die nak jogging ke, (almaklum la, tido kul 1 bgn kul 6,so pagi2 ni lalok la skit)..rupenye die bising sebab die nak gtau biar die yg tolong buangkan sampah2 aku ..perggghh,terharunye..=D...Good deed from others really makes my day 2day....dari tong sampah sampai ke opis senyum sampai ke telinga teringat kt nenek tu...=)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its been a week...

Da seminggu kot balik dr Umrah, syukur alhamdulillah sumenye ok,selamat pergi dan balik..Syukur jugak sume yg ditinggalkan ok,segar bugar sihat walafiat lagik..2 minggu di sana terasa besarnya Kekuasaan Allah SWT....kerdilnye rasa diri..insaf2...hu3..setiap hari di sana mendoakan semoga diri,keluarga dan sanak saudara yg ditinggalkan di malaysia sentiasa dilindungiNya..juga mendoakan sekiranya btol Mohd Firdaus Radzi jodohku, pelindungku...tunjukkanlah keihklasannya..Btol la org kata,berdoa di Tanah Suci insyaAllah akan dimakbulkan doanye..x sampai seminggu balik ke M`sia, aku batuk2, dr Madinah lg da batuk sebenarnye (super teruk sampai xde suara)...T-rex la yg berjaga malam semata2 nak bagi ubat batuk,,mcm2 jugak dibelikan..makan xpernah ade yg berminyak,air tak pernah diletak ais..Segalanye dijaga,kalau x didepan mata, di msgnye mengingatkan supaya makan ubat...walau penat,walau kena kerja seharian. die tetap setia menjaga..Subhanallah, Tuhan je yg tahu..Bile fikir balik,xpayah kot tunggu balik dr Mekah nk tau semua tu..da lama kot nampak keikhlasan die..Ape nak sume diberi..sume dibeli...suara x pernah ditinggi..walau teruk mana pon bergaduh,x sekali pon die luka kan hati.(ade sebenarnye tp sindri yg emo lebey,die x watpe pon..keh3), kawan baiknye di tinggalkan demi menjaga hati,..pagi ptg siang malam dijaganya, setiap jam di msg walau se-bz yang penting,mcm mana syg sekali pon,camne kasih dan rindu pun..jodoh tetap di tangan Allah swt. =)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Syukur Alhamdullillah

Alhamdullilah..esok berangkat ke Jeddah at 3. Bos bagi duit utk Raya & Umrah...yeayyyyyy.Syukur Alhamdullillah..tu je la yg termampu cakap .brape?? ader la, keh3....tenkiuu bossss....terharunyeeeee.....huhuhuhuhu.

To all, harap doakan kami sekeluarga selamat pergi dan balik..
p/s - Bosses and colleagues: Sorry kalau ade salah silap,mintak diampuankan kalau ade terkasar bahasa ke,terambil pepe ke..halal ek....=)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Gebu

.Saya sayang mamat giler pisang ni.=P


5 more days for Umrah,yeayyyy..i`m so excited..Insyaallah sume barang da beli kot,,tinggal nak pack je lagi,...cepat la esok..tak sabar mau balik Nilai, kenduri Doa Selamat on Saturday, then Ahad, then Isnin(last day keje..yeayyy)...then on Tuesday, off to Jeddah..super yeayyyyy!!!!...=D =D...I am sooooo excited.Buat keje pon dah berterabur hopefully xde ape2 yg tertinggal nanti...kecuali a piece of my hati (yg tertinggal pada Trex ku..ahaksss...=P)..So checklist:
  • All the umrah thinggyss
  • Boarding for the cats (Trex will take care of its..thx sayang)
  • Some of my memoriable junks (will be given to Trex too..who else rite..of course kamu..)
  • Momo ( tak berstart la jawabnye 2 minggu..huhuhu, masham --> tlg start keta i gak bole? ...=P)
  • Rumah : Subang (no problem at all, both the girls cuti kejap jek, byk keta,,jaga brg2 aku wehh)
      • Nilai (Trex will be there.....yeay, u again...)
  • hmmm, tu je kot yg bole difikirkan for the moments......=)
Will update later,byk lagi nak crite..daaaaa ~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A thought from my number 1 sotong..hehehhee

His thought:
Nasib la I dpt awek yg ngengadanye, yg terroristnye,yang kaki gaduhnye (pencetus), n mcm2 lagi la, taip 2 3 page pun x abis...pastu die gelak kuat2..CEHHHH
My thought:
................................??????? Ye ke kaki gado? =P

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tua ke?

My mum had been complaining pasal sakit blakang la,sakit badan la so request for a new maid and new tukang kebun...rumah bersepah katanye xde sape nak jaga die x larat..but mom, new maid shud be ok gardener nak watpe? kan ke berkebun tu elok...its good for ur health kan...huuuuu.Kalau duk umah x watpe lagi la senang sakit kan...Just a tot from ur daughter who loves u so much.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.Say No to Rasuah.

Since si dia slalu bz,so suke la gune kaedah Rasuah dan Lepas..anything,cakap je konpem dpt..itu DULU,tp skarang NO WAY sayang...saya xmau ape2,,sy cume mahu EN Kaki Rasuah saya ade disisi selalu..pathetic weh,org lain kehulur kehilir kite jumpe pon,....hmmmmm.....2 minggu sekali.atau sebulan sekali.....XBESTNYERRRRRRRRRR......SO sayang, spent more time for me please,jangan la asik keje jek..
p/s--> Lupe lak,x abis cite pasal Convocation,,btw da xde mood kot skg...the point is, my convocation day is so gonna be on my top 10 most preciooussss day

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Big C Day part1

Finally its d day...lama weh nak tunggu,,hahhaa..6 tahun lain sume 4 tahun,aku lak sampai 6 thats make it more memorial than the others. On the 7th August 2010, I got my scroll disaksikan oleh Family dan buah hati tercinta..thxxx guys,,i lap u all soo mucchh,my family and Trex is my everything..

On the big day, kitaorg bgn awal kt,,5.15 da bgn,..amazingly my Trex pon bole awal,hmmm (for the sake of me he said)..Dalam 6.30 a.m camtu da dgr bunyi keta die tgh parking kt luar, ape lagi,berkejar la sambut die..hehehe..then suddenly die bukak pintu keluarkan the most lovely bear bouquet i`ve ever seen...wrap by pink paper lagi..ayangggggg u..hehehhee...I AM SO TOUCHED BY HIS EFFORT,,when i said i dont like live flowers,i never tot that he will actually bought a whole bouquet of bears,and they are soooo cute..x pernah org buat kot mcm tu, he even said, he actually order it and custom made it for me...SWEET!!!....
.My Sweet Bouquet.
Then kitaorg gerak dr rumah ,singgah Shell dlu, beli jajan,,ngantuk wooouhh..sampai2 jek kt Uniten, org da ramai,hagak2 kot..time tu br pukul 7 kitaorg pun mengikut la arus sampai la ke COIT nyer parking,time tu parking kt atas padang rugby,byk memori kot atas pdg tu..berjalan la pulak melintas Cendikiawan (boys apartment),x brape sure jalan tp ikut jer la arus kan,,hehehe.jauh jugak ler nak sampai DSS kot..takpe2 exercise..hehehee..Trex tercinta da berpeluh2 kot (note: die mmg kuat berpeluh)..My mum,mak ngah dah kepochi da kt depan,habis sume org dorg tegur....kitaorg ber3 (me,sis,Trex) kt belakang ikut jer le..Sampai jer DSS kitaorg berpecah mmbawa haluan,me masuk barisan, mum n makngah masuk dewan..sis n trex cari port (since dorg tgk dr luar)...hehehe.Da tgh2 beratur tu jumpe la geng2 seperjuangan,Aizmir,Tarun,Mog,Hafiz, dan be continued (byk pulak keje pagi ni)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moneyyy Moneyy

Before I have my dad as my ATM , but now i have another one..Mr Trex (tadaaaa...=P)...i lap ur money sayang ( but i lap u more of coz)...keh3...merapu jek,,ujan kt luar..nk balik ke? malas kot...tunggu reda skit...=)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Marathon weh...

Last Saturday, kitaorg pegi marathon,,,yeayyy...Predators 2 & Twilight Eclipse...(tgk wayang je kot, nak marathon btol2 harapan je la..x gitu mucuk?..keh3 --> ni perli tau =P ) So sampai Sunway lebey kurang kul 1 lebey kot,trus naik parking atas skali,,konpem2 bawah da penuh kan,malas nk tawaf2 da..tau dah musti x jumpe ..heheheh..lepas beratur agak lama la jugak,giler weh,,berpusing2 kitaorg menanti dgn penuh sabar kot (sabar ke mucuk?? ..hehhee)...--> dlm hati nyesal gak kot,naper la x book online je..kan nak wat camno,,ade org tu kan kalo da dpt tdo x hingat dunia..(this statement apply to my sayang),kang tiket da book orgnyer lak baik book offline je kan (betul ke ayat ni?) selepas tiket di dalam genggaman..(yess, lenguh kaki weh nak beratur..huuuu)..ktaorg pergi la mengisi perut, disebabkan buah hati tercinta nak DIET la sangat,.so sebagai gf yg supportive..kitaorg pon pegi la makan ringan2 jek..(heeeee... =D),pastu pegi kedai candy kt bawah skali..ntah menda ntah nama die (da beribu kali pegi pon x penah terfikir nak tgk nama die ape...)..carik desert dulu..(so kite sebenarnye xde la diet sgt kan sayang..huuuu)..then da puas makan manis2..sambung ler pulak carik barang2 En Trex kite...nak carik socks jogging la (make sure u jogging tau pasni sayang..dah xde alasan da kan..hehhee).,jeans x byk masa sgt kot..first show start kul 4..time tu da kul 3 kot,,terpaksa carik dgn agak kabutnyer..aku je la kot yg kabut.(dasar kalut nak wat camne..hehee)..En Trex kite masih cool lagi,,mencari tanpa rasa bersalah..(die tertinggal jam dalam keta sebenarnye, sebab tu die x bape alert pasal waktu..huh..=|..) Tp in the end jumpe gak kot barang2 yg die nak carik,,siap dpt extra lagik..hehe..(so saya amat senang hati sebab buah hati ku jumpe barang yg nak dicarinyee). Bukan senang weh shopping dgn mamat bernama Firdaus Radzi ni,..cerewet mengalahkan mak nenek(hehehe,i lap u sayang)..jarang sebenarnye die nak jumpe benda yg die btol2 nak,so bile da dpt tu,hatiku amat senang skali.)..then first show start..kuar jap,,pusing2 lagi,,kali ni usha jajan lak (konpem x jadi diet sayang..=P),,pastu masuk balik,,2nd show kul 7.20 kut..then habis kul 9 lebey..pusing Sunway last round, pastu ade org perut da bajet nak gerak ke SS15 la pulak,,skali jam la pulak kt parking,,lama tunggu x ade org tu pulak Lapar bile Moody (die yg cakap)., tp rasanye seperti Moody bile turun la balik,,time tu dah 11 lebey,,A&W je kot yg bukak lagi,,so makan jer laaa.(org tu muke da mcm harimau lapar...keh3)..makan,makan,makan...da kenyang baru nak sengih balik..hehhee..yer la,,lenkali xyah diet la,sian lak perut gebu tu da kempis..huuuu (perut Trex bukan perutku) --> hehehee..i lap u so much sayang...

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Gojess

.Tofffee is getting heavier and gemuk-er each day,berat woouh nak dukung.


Well,semalam nak dijadikan cerita ade sorg bff ni,duk google nama aku kt tenet, suddenly kuar byk gile weh,,siap ade no phone.pix.alamat lagi bai...pelik..menakutkan pon ade..the best part is, konon kata student IT and i even work in IT field but yet still makes the same mistakes common people used to do..EXPOSING MYSELF..bangang tol from now on i shud be more careful la kot.bahaya weh,mana tau ade stalker ke ape ke..nasib baik yg google tu my bff,kalo org jahat amcam..perggh..xtau ar..huuuuu.
p/s: Nak remind kat semua readers, please DONT EXPOSE URSELF 2 MUCH,ITS DANGEROUS..SERIOUSLY....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bday treat...

Its been a week since bday, but baru berkesempatan nak update blog.So in short i got a new phone (again,since phone yg baru 4 months old tu TERRRMASUK washing machine)..of course, sape lagi nak bg kan..thx to my sayang --> i lap u so much mucuk....=P =P. Ths jugak kepada sahabat andai yg cube untuk meraikan eventho i tends to dissapear here and there..nanti ar weh, kite celebrate k..keh4...

p/s --> makcik anfaal,makcik dyla,makcik aza, nar,nuar,teddy...i missssss u sooooo muchhh..huhuhuh..bile la nak lepak kan agaknyeee.huuuuuuuuuuu

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

D Day......

31/5/2010: its my bday but since buah hati pengarang jantung x sihat.extend celebration to the next day. oh yeah..he brought me cake. 12 slice of its , different cume makan sorg sepotong je kot..die xde selera sebab demam n me xde selera tgk die xde selera..keh4...=) be continued,,,ade hal la pulak....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Finally,,lama gile dol x many things happen lately...i passed my fyp --> thx to rezal,syed,t-rex of coz for being there and for helping with the be in details..rezal --> thx for the support,couldnt done this without u --> eventho kekadang idea kamu  "sgt gile"..macih eventually...syed,well how do i start..u`re the nyawa of this project..without u konpem2 gue fail ..ahakssss...thx a lot bro..i reallllly owe u for that...and of coz,sayang--> tenkiu for the stats part --> i never knew u`re so good in math(ahaksssss..bole ke cakap camni,,,=P)...then...wat else....hmmm..will be konvoing (btol ke ni??) in august...goin for umrah in september (insyaallah)--> i`m so excited...=)..will be turning 24 next xde plan pepe lagi pon..huuuuuu..buah ati tercinta so bz so x sempat nak plan..k fine..plan sindri celebrate suda..hahhahaha.(patethic yes i know)...somehow we've been so bz we dun even talk about things we used to talk anymore, we dont hugs anymore,and we dont say sweet things to each other least not as much as b4 ,not for now...but then god knows how much i love him..and i know he feel the same too. he`s still will be rempiting all the war from nilai to subang if he feels i were falling i guest we`re ok...=)..of coz,,we are chasing our dream,,well at least he is chasing his dream as i still dunno wat to kejar...ahahahhaaa..seriouslllllyyyy!!! life seems to dull unless he is by my side or if my family are by my i guest i am the moment...=P...and yessss....i manage to broke my latest phone ...eventually baru 4 bulan gune kot...yesss x hagak2 tanpa segan silu saye memecahkan hp yg telah diberikan oleh mr t-rex kepada saya awal tahun ini..hahahaa...well,,the phone termasuk dlm cadar which happens to be in washing machine..sape ler nak sedar kan ade phone dlm cadar tu..kan kan??, tau2 bile da habis spin hp ku juge siap dibasuh sekali..hahhaa..mmg bersepai....tadak harapan nak selamatkan da..keh3..t-rex comment--> xpo la,,nak buat camne..dpt awek ganas camni...k fine!!..hahhaha
sori syg, u know i never meant it rite........xoxo...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nak tau tak?

Kamu, nak tahu kenapa saya selalu cemerkap bile bersama kamu? Sume benda yg dipegang nak jatuh,,asik nak tersemban sana sini....jalan pun x betol....Sebab hati,jantung, satu badan saya selalu berdebar-debar setiap kali kamu di sisi...saya x pernah beritahu dats the fact...=)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

::Susah nak puaskan hati sume org::

Its almost 8 month since start keje, selama 8 bulan ni gak la ramai sgt yg complaint I havent spend enuff time wit them,, pertama2 sekali of course my dear darlink T-rex, the we usen so called best-friend, familyssss and housemate. what i`m asking for is --> please la korang, if only u know how much this thing means to me, that i really struggle to keep up with my job (it aint easy u know, doing sumthing dat is dominated by guys --> hell yeah,most of the top pragrammers are GUY, have to admit it)....

Sayang, i promise as soon as my fyp is over, i will carik masa to spend sum time wit u..anda bole percaya janji saya...
Dear best friend, we share our laughter and cries together, so wat made u think i`ll forget u easily?? I know we use to spend every night gossiping till late in the morning,,,,things change but i can assure u we`ll find sum time to lepakss later..=)
To my parents --> i love u guys sooooo much,,i really need to do this,,to prove to u guys that ur little gal is strong enuff to face the matter what...
Nani --> my bestest housemate,,i know we promise to have supper together and gossiping, and im sorry too i have to turned u down every single down...sooo sorry..u know how much it hurt every single time i reach home and saw what u have tapau/cook for me,,knowing that u have take the trouble to do that...sorry...and im sorry too sumtime im too tired to eat i just went straightaway to bed..


Monday, January 11, 2010

::Hanya tuk Kaki Makan saye..=P::

di setiap nafas ku.. yang ada hanya kamu..
dan di tiap penjuru.. di situlah wajah mu..
jadi penyeri kalbu.. penyembuh luka ku dulu..
aku.. rindu kepada mu..

bukan hanya ungkapan.. atau madah hiasan..
diserah keikhlasan.. kejujuran..
sudilah kau terima.. diri ku seadaanya..
moga.. kita 'kan bahagia..

segunung emas dan permata..
pasti tiada berharga..
andai.. kita tidak bersama..
meski sedetik bersama mu..
ternyata berharganya bagi ku..
jadi kenangan seumur hidup ku...

 pasti ku genggam erat..
dengan seluruh kudrat..
cinta mu 'kan terpahat..
ku jadikan azimat...

takkan ku lepaskan lagi..
cinta mu yang nyata suci..
moga ia 'kan abadi..
di bawa ke sana nanti..

di setiap helaan.. nafas yang ku hembuskan..
diserah keikhlasan.. ketulusan..
sudilah kau terima.. diri ku seadaanya..
moga.. kita 'kan bahagia..

---Zawazi; Di Setiap Nafasku---

Monday, January 4, 2010

::My kaki rasuah...=P::

Sayang, u are sooooooo good ni bribing..i love the way u get me sumthing everytime u did sumthing or too bz to entertain me(tho u said  dat is suppose to be ur pengganti, but it aint the same sayang,seriously)...=D Firdaus Radzi --> saya sayang awak.

::We'll never be apart::

Sayang, no matter dugaan dan godaan yg kite hadapi..we'll get thru it, TOGETHER....i love u so much..thx 4 being by my side and thx for ur kesabaran..i appreciate it so much...xoxo.

::New Year Resolutionsss::

To begin with, thx sayang,,for the phone..u r soooo sweet..and thx for the 'Istimewa' song too, dat is SUPER SWEET, seriously....saye amat2 terharu..huuuuuuuuuuuuu. Ehem azam saya untuk tahun ini adalah ...jeng jeng jeng....saya xnak gado2 ngan T-rex lagi,.saya xnak buat kamu risau dan saya xnak sakiti hati kamu lagi. Apart from dat, nak kumpul duit banyak2 dan nak shopping byk2..ahaksssss...=D.