Friday, November 26, 2010

Weds anyone?

Its been a week since the BIG day..(almost la, since i know i wont be online on weekend, so better blogging skg kan)..So things are back to normal, xde lagi dah kawan2 yg kepoh2 sebab x invite them over for the big day (relak la weh, tunang je kot, wedding nnt aku jemput la )..AMANNNN,,, still not sure bout the tarikh for the big day,,parents: both mine and him wanted to melangsungkan pernikahan kami pada bulan JUN next pulak, I wanted badly the wedding to be as lambat as possible..while for HIM, he dont mind, he`ll go with majority ---> such a lalang (i x kutuk u sayang..=P )...x diskus pon lagi, saje buat2 senyap,hopefully they`ll faham..i mean marriage is a big responsibility kot ...jaga diri sendiri pon x reti,ade hati nak jaga anak org kan,,so i amm sooooo not ready to get rasa mcm x bersyukur pulak,ade sesetengah org betol2 nak kawin tp x cukup bajet la, bf x ready terbalik pulak..sumpah,,mmg sgt bersyukur..tapi this is about responsibility and i am f**kingly not ready to be a wife. tp yg bestnye Trex bg buat preparation awal.yeayyyyyy...i likee..=), so tomorrow i`ll start with wedding ring hunting..yeayyyy..gedix gile kot...but i dont mind at all, its my wedding, its my fiance and its my money(well, its Trex actually..=P),,,moms and dads,,please please please postphone the wedding, i really wanted to have an end of the year kott..instead of bln 6..puhleaaaazzzzzeeee......=P

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yeayyy, I`m a fiance....=)

Its almost3 days since the engagement, pergghhh wat a day and i love every second of it. =) =) =)..hugsssss and kissessss to those who made it happened....mum,dad,Qid...friends and family (u know who u are)...i LOVE u all, thxx for sharing the big moment wit me. Dengan dua cincin dan seutas rantai, saya telah dirisik, dipinang dan ditunangkan kepada MOHD FIRDAUS RADZI..yeayyyyy..I`m so happy.I had nothing to write here, so i guess i`ll let the pix do the talking...=) . On second thought let me cerite bout wat actually happen after the engagement.. So basically, after we`re officially engaged, Trex is both my bf and my fiance..ditto for wat we do is, we both get carried away (in short jakun ..=P ) with the he kept calling me Hi Tunang...and i replied sayang u so much Tunang...and dat short of thingies...which is short of jakun..hak3..wat to do..first time getting engage.(and i hope it will be the only one)..jakun but true,,and it still berlarutan till now..ha3..but I dont care..i`m happy and i have all i need by my gebu, family and friendsss...there`s nothing else i can ask for...=)

p/s: On 3rd thought (ha3, theres no such thing, i made it up,sorry)...just browse my fb for the pix..wayyyy to busy to upload anything at the moment...

Monday, November 8, 2010

:Things to be done:

Ok..1 week and 6 days to go...syukur akhamdulillah byk benda da settle..
  1. Cincin
  2. My baju
  3. His baju
  4. Mak Andam - x finalize lagik, perlu ke make up ni?
  5. Tukang Gubah Hantaran
  6. Barang Hantaran
  7. Bffs, check.. will be coming with their partners..altho` for Nar, I have no idea kat ceruk mana die, cant be able to contact him, so Nar, if u`re not flying, text me woii, i have big news!!...Teddy wont be coming ,banjirrrrr...huhuhu..
  8. Bakery for cupcakes- suddenly MIA, a bit worried, so miss Helly, please text me ASAP, so we can finalize the cupcakes..
  9. Tukang sarung cincin...hahaha..=P, hope she will likes me..=)
  10. Tukang mengopakkan duit....always ready untuk mengbankrapkanTrex!...=D
  11. Tukang keluar duit..(he will not be happy when all the bills sampai nnt..but i guess it doesnt matter kot..he`s in love wit me, i`m in love with him..thats all dat matters rite?)
  12. Full time consultant, yeah my mom...(who else), seems like she`s not happy with the way i`m spending Trex money...dont worry mom,i`ll work harder next year and earn more money...=D ..Fikir2 balik, tak spend byk pon,maybe nampak byk sebab asik shopping,tp shopping benda2 kecik kot,(I put the blame onTrex , die yang super cerewet and kaki shopping,yeah he loves shopping more than I do...=P)..seriously mom..if calculate balik..mmg x spend byk..=)
p/s: For the fiancee/ bride to be, prepare awal weh, kalau x mmg x bole buat keje lain, risau memikirkan The Big day...tido pon asik nightmaressss je (seriously)..

Igtkan dlu nak buat as simple as can, tp bile da melibatkan byk hati, makin bertambah2 pulak..hmmmmm...baru tau susah rupanye nak mnjaga byk hati ni,,dan susahnye nak kumpulkan semua org kt satu tempat di masa yg sama....=|

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Countdown to the BIG day!!!

Just 2 more weeks to the big day, byk lg kot x siap (kalut, kalut..huhuhu)....gubahan hantaran, his baju, photographer..(hmmm,xde la byk kot)...gubahan? mum has been changing the mak andam since last week, so we havent decided yet nak guna sape to gubah my hantaran, (ours actually)...cepat la mum, i really dont care who did it, as long as u get it settle as fast as possible,,,(kepalaku da nak meletup nih, hantaran x siap lagik..!!!..huhuhuu)...Trex`s baju, we`ll get it by the end of this week, we opt for kemeja, no baju melayu please.--> my mum n his mum said macam nak nikah lak..hak3...(so hopefully we`ll get sumthing,  knowing that mamat gebu sgt cerewet..ha3, please syg, u better get ur shirt by this week or else i`ll turn to pink incredible hulk! Seriously, i mean it!!...xtau la, tp mcm i`m the only one yg kalut for this tunang thingy..Trex of course concentrating on his work, buat2 dont know, leaving everything to me..once in a while he will call me saying "cuak la sayang"...yea la tu, like i x cuak !!!..=D....x sabar nak tunggu 21/11/2010..I`m getting engage!!! yeayyyyy..=D Oh yeah, i still cant find henna design that i like, need to bagi to the mak andam by this byk jugak la sebenarnye x settle lagi  ...=(