Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yeayyy, I`m a fiance....=)

Its almost3 days since the engagement, pergghhh wat a day and i love every second of it. =) =) =)..hugsssss and kissessss to those who made it happened....mum,dad,Qid...friends and family (u know who u are)...i LOVE u all, thxx for sharing the big moment wit me. Dengan dua cincin dan seutas rantai, saya telah dirisik, dipinang dan ditunangkan kepada MOHD FIRDAUS RADZI..yeayyyyy..I`m so happy.I had nothing to write here, so i guess i`ll let the pix do the talking...=) . On second thought let me cerite bout wat actually happen after the engagement.. So basically, after we`re officially engaged, Trex is both my bf and my fiance..ditto for wat we do is, we both get carried away (in short jakun ..=P ) with the he kept calling me Hi Tunang...and i replied sayang u so much Tunang...and dat short of thingies...which is short of jakun..hak3..wat to do..first time getting engage.(and i hope it will be the only one)..jakun but true,,and it still berlarutan till now..ha3..but I dont care..i`m happy and i have all i need by my gebu, family and friendsss...there`s nothing else i can ask for...=)

p/s: On 3rd thought (ha3, theres no such thing, i made it up,sorry)...just browse my fb for the pix..wayyyy to busy to upload anything at the moment...

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