Friday, November 26, 2010

Weds anyone?

Its been a week since the BIG day..(almost la, since i know i wont be online on weekend, so better blogging skg kan)..So things are back to normal, xde lagi dah kawan2 yg kepoh2 sebab x invite them over for the big day (relak la weh, tunang je kot, wedding nnt aku jemput la )..AMANNNN,,, still not sure bout the tarikh for the big day,,parents: both mine and him wanted to melangsungkan pernikahan kami pada bulan JUN next pulak, I wanted badly the wedding to be as lambat as possible..while for HIM, he dont mind, he`ll go with majority ---> such a lalang (i x kutuk u sayang..=P )...x diskus pon lagi, saje buat2 senyap,hopefully they`ll faham..i mean marriage is a big responsibility kot ...jaga diri sendiri pon x reti,ade hati nak jaga anak org kan,,so i amm sooooo not ready to get rasa mcm x bersyukur pulak,ade sesetengah org betol2 nak kawin tp x cukup bajet la, bf x ready terbalik pulak..sumpah,,mmg sgt bersyukur..tapi this is about responsibility and i am f**kingly not ready to be a wife. tp yg bestnye Trex bg buat preparation awal.yeayyyyyy...i likee..=), so tomorrow i`ll start with wedding ring hunting..yeayyyy..gedix gile kot...but i dont mind at all, its my wedding, its my fiance and its my money(well, its Trex actually..=P),,,moms and dads,,please please please postphone the wedding, i really wanted to have an end of the year kott..instead of bln 6..puhleaaaazzzzzeeee......=P

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