Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye bye 2010

Well,its the 2nd last day of 2010,,so byeeeee 2010,tq for such a memories,tq for the joyss and painss...I am soooo looking forward for next year..=)

.2009 eve.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its been a month sayang...=)

For my super sweet, super sabar Trex,

Hey,its been a month sayang since the Big E Day...and I have nothing to say besides I LOVE U SO MUCH...=)..mmmuuuacchh..thank u for keeping up with me all these time, i know i gave u a big headache but u manage to hang on rite..keh3..thxxxxx,,really appreciate it..Altho we`re far apart but a lot has happened huh, once Perang Dingin until i surrender since SOMEBODY merajuk sampai demam2..(which is so sweet actually), lot of arguments regarding our tarikh nikah (hey,the lambat the better sayang, i dont mind waiting, ignore our parents k...=P), like u said, we better enjoy our singlehood while we can sebab after nikah we`ll be stuck together like a glue kalau ade org yg beria nak kawin cepat ke ape ke,dat is definitely NOT me..=)...and am I glad or wat to hear that u have the same thought..what`s the rush kan..=). Well yeah,, i`m sorry for a couple of things i have done to u in the past 1 month:
  • Sorry I kept terrorizing ur space and privacy
  • Sorry I have mulut laser (i can be cluesless sumtime, cakap x fikir habis)
  • Sorry I asik ugut nak pulang cincin (which is ridiculous, i LOVEEEEE this cincin so much, still remember how I kept pleading u to buy this cincin instead of others?? Heck I xkan lepaskan this cincin for nothing...=P)
  • and lastly sorry for being so emotional lately...ehemm,,biasa ar perempuan...=P
Thank you for all the sweetest thing u have done since we met:
  • Thx you for not failing (not even once) to text me every nite and morning. U just proved to me, i am in ur mind before u go to sleep and after u wake up. Sweet sayang, I love it so much..=)
  • Thx for rushing all the to Subang, everytime i need u, regardless of the time....I reallllllly aprreciate it so much...he3
  • Thx for remembering our important dates
  • Thx for wearing pink colour (altho u try to wear it as seldom as u can..well, i cant be satisfy enuf)
  • Thx for making me chubby and penuh dgn lemak..kah3..i love it sayang, i loveeeee makan2 bersama kamu..=P
  • Thx for all the love notes and kisses
  • Thx for all the little teddy ( i dah xde tempat nak letak syg,jgn beli lagi )
  • Thx for letting me spending ur money (OMG, i love it soooooo much..muacccchhhh)
  • Thx for being by my side no matter what..(it feels good to have sumbody to lean on)
  • Thx for being my bapuk aww aww (i love it everytime u do a catwalk for me...he3)
  • and finally, thx so much for being my Sayang, u the greatest of all,...=D

My Aww Aww..=P

Monday, December 13, 2010

::Welcome 2011::

Year 2010 hampir menutup tirainya..and syukur alhamdulillah all my wishes for 2010 has been granted,,I got my degree this year, ..ntah menda2 ntah lagi yg len tu,,x igt da,, yang penting my main wishes, I want my Trex for real da termakbul,,syukur alhamdulillah kot..=D..hopefully next year will be as merry as this year...ooh for next year all I ever wanted is to live happily by my Lemak Manis and family/friends...hopefully..=)

Friday, December 3, 2010

He loves me more than I do..(terharunyeee..huhhuu)

On the 10th day selepas ditunangkan, we had a very BIG fight..reason: ade la,hanya kami yg tahu...keh3(baik xyah ckp kan..)..we didnt talk for 4 days(the longest time we ever mogok) and i almost ingin memutuskan pertunangan sayang nk lepas my gojess cincin,,he3 (kerek je lebih) nk jadi crite on the 5th day, i msg him --> We need to talk. and he replied, Ok syg, sorry 2 3 hari ni xde mood, demam... perghhh,hati yg sekeras2 batu tadi trus cair bile dgr si die demam (kesiannye..huhuhu)..he didnt need to tell me how much he loves me and how important i am to him (xperlu la nak jiwang2 ke ape ke)..him body just showed it to me..he demam..=(...sebenarnye da lama kot benda ni,lately baru prasan, setiap kali perang ke mogok ke, mesti die yg sakit,,walhal aku, maintain beb.(siap bole kluar shopping lagik, jahat kan?)..back to the main point, ptg tu i called him, asking for his condition..ehem,ckp garang lagi time ni (ego...),
Me: Knape bole demam?
Him: Bcoz of u, u yg buat I...."
Me: U yg ego..
Him: U
Me: Keras kepala..
Him: U la..
(He sound so sad, i feel like i want to peluk him and tell him everything will be ok,huhuhu)
Bla bla bla.....still arguing who are the ego-est of all,then we hung up
---next few hours, I text him---
Me: I rindu tunang i yg ego dan keras kepala tu
Him: Igt i x rindu tunang i yg lagi super super ego dan super duper keras kepala tu?
(cehhh, do we have to go through this kind of argument everytime??)
---next few hours, he called me---

I cant remember the details, time ni baru la dpt bercakap heart to heart, cuma igt beberapa point yg buat saye sgtttt terharu..he was apologizing for his behaviour (sebenarnye bukan salah dia kot, i`m at fault too), then he said sumthing about how he was waiting for my text/call, and how it broke his heart when i never text/call, he was in tears till tertido..bile tersedar he check for his phone and kecewa xde any text or call from me..he said dlm tdo he dreamed of me,alone in the dark ntah kat mana2 ntah, crying..(which is amazing, I do cry for him in the dark in the middle of the nite,,Ya Allah, terpaku aku sekejap, betapa besarnya kasih dan syg die utk aku, die demam utk aku, menangis utk aku,,he can even feel wat i feel..masyaAllah, tak mungkin aku nak lepas lelaki ni..=) . I LOVE IT SO MUCH WHEN U CRY FOR ME SAYANG..=D...thank you sayang, terima kasih sgt1000x....bile die ckp camtu i just realized what an idiot i am, bole lak terpikir nak putus tunang..bodo la QILA kalo terlepas mamat ni..

Then lepas tu baru die cerita kenapa die keraskan hati xnak start msg dlu..ehem,,die kata bukan sebab ego ek,cuma nak test kekerasan hati dan tahap ke-egoan saye..(yer la tuhh), then he start mumbling about how he regret having this be continue in next post, keje byk daaaa.....=)