Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its been a month sayang...=)

For my super sweet, super sabar Trex,

Hey,its been a month sayang since the Big E Day...and I have nothing to say besides I LOVE U SO MUCH...=)..mmmuuuacchh..thank u for keeping up with me all these time, i know i gave u a big headache but u manage to hang on rite..keh3..thxxxxx,,really appreciate it..Altho we`re far apart but a lot has happened huh, once Perang Dingin until i surrender since SOMEBODY merajuk sampai demam2..(which is so sweet actually), lot of arguments regarding our tarikh nikah (hey,the lambat the better sayang, i dont mind waiting, ignore our parents k...=P), like u said, we better enjoy our singlehood while we can sebab after nikah we`ll be stuck together like a glue darl..so kalau ade org yg beria nak kawin cepat ke ape ke,dat is definitely NOT me..=)...and am I glad or wat to hear that u have the same thought..what`s the rush kan..=). Well yeah,, i`m sorry for a couple of things i have done to u in the past 1 month:
  • Sorry I kept terrorizing ur space and privacy
  • Sorry I have mulut laser (i can be cluesless sumtime, cakap x fikir habis)
  • Sorry I asik ugut nak pulang cincin (which is ridiculous, i LOVEEEEE this cincin so much, still remember how I kept pleading u to buy this cincin instead of others?? Heck I xkan lepaskan this cincin for nothing...=P)
  • and lastly sorry for being so emotional lately...ehemm,,biasa ar perempuan...=P
Thank you for all the sweetest thing u have done since we met:
  • Thx you for not failing (not even once) to text me every nite and morning. U just proved to me, i am in ur mind before u go to sleep and after u wake up. Sweet sayang, I love it so much..=)
  • Thx for rushing all the to Subang, everytime i need u, regardless of the time....I reallllllly aprreciate it so much...he3
  • Thx for remembering our important dates
  • Thx for wearing pink colour (altho u try to wear it as seldom as u can..well, i cant be satisfy enuf)
  • Thx for making me chubby and penuh dgn lemak..kah3..i love it sayang, i loveeeee makan2 bersama kamu..=P
  • Thx for all the love notes and kisses
  • Thx for all the little teddy ( i dah xde tempat nak letak syg,jgn beli lagi )
  • Thx for letting me spending ur money (OMG, i love it soooooo much..muacccchhhh)
  • Thx for being by my side no matter what..(it feels good to have sumbody to lean on)
  • Thx for being my bapuk aww aww (i love it everytime u do a catwalk for me...he3)
  • and finally, thx so much for being my Sayang, u the greatest of all,...=D

My Aww Aww..=P


  1. haha.

    mai la sini sedekah skit teddy bear ko kalau trex bagi lagi.hahahahahahah..aku bleh simpankan.

  2. hak3,,cumellll..ko nk watpe teddy bear weh..ko sindri pon da cute mcm teddy bear...hak3..


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