Thursday, October 22, 2009

::Sayang, u`ve be psycho-ed (i dunno how to spell actually)...+P ::

During our lepak time last nite..He`s smoking and i asked him " U rasa kan, nape i nak suh u berenti rokok?" ...Then amazingly he start mumbling about how I cared bout him so much(which is true).., dat i dun want him sick..and bla2 watsoever...sebenarnye dah lali dgr dan dah tersangat lali nak membebel ngan die mengenai keburukan wat i did wassssss...... saye sentuh dada die dan saye ckp "Sayang, i xnak u merokok sebab ni (refering to his heart) adalah jantung saya, dan saya nak idup lama dan sihat..kalo boleh nak idup sampai kerepot ngan u...=P
And he straight away buang his rokok and start mumbling pulak how terharu he is...duhh(my bf is soooo talkative in early morning.Sape2 yg ade super-talkative bf join the club plsss...=P.). about expert huh..ahaksssss.sorry darl..gotchaaa..=P
I have to psiko kamu sebab kamu sgt la liat nak berenti merokok..Sekian macih.....=P

::Ur Stupido Awek::

Last nite, u came around midnite..just to lepaksss and story ur work problem and awekmu yg super lembab ni dgn selamber nyer spoil the mood 4 nothing.huuuuuuuuuuuu..sorry darl..i never mean it.. Note to self: Be a good listener no matter what the condition is and no matter how tired u are, he is the most important thing beside my God and my family and i love him so much....=)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

::Main reason why u shouldnt FriendFinder ur sayang::

Dont ever FF ur beloved since it will only lead to disaster...Seriously....T-rex FF me like 20 times yesterday and each time that idiot thing will spot me at a very different location...padahal i was at the office entire time..except 4 lunch of coz...damn u FF, lagi menyusahkan ade laaa.hhuuuuuuuu..=(

::Cehhh,,certain things saye x patut habaq sama kamu::

On my habits waking up late on weekeend. Hey, i work like 12 hours on the weekdays, so i deserve to tido lama2 on the weekend riteeee...=P

By sms: (from T-rex)

Cik Aqilah bangun di tengahari,
Lepas bangun terus ke bilik mandi,
Mandikan topi(my kitty) sambil menyanyi,
Lepas makan u tdo lagi.

Ceh!!!! doesnt even rhyme sayang....!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.

~ by Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) ~
Dat is sooo true..i love u sayang...=P
Right now u are my only wish sayang.......=)

Monday, October 19, 2009

::I love u too::

Dis  morning i wake up super early so dat i can get to your house and slip this cute doooodollls in ur mailbox..Heck i dunno wat is it,,but it is super cute,,just like it have a 3rd eye..just like u when u notice sumthing is fishy with me (i hv to admit dat sumtime i do lie straight 2 ur face..ahaaa..sorryyyy..).

::U are the sweetest thing.::

When u kecikkan my new jam, u put this note on the box...and i never realize it until i reach home..dat is sooo sweet syg..i love u soo much...

::New Watch...yeayyyy!!!::

I've got a new watchhhhh..yeayyyy..thx sayang....anda baru sahaja menjimatkan duit saya..terima kasih..he noticed i need a new watch when he read my blog and saw my notes on "Dream 2010"..hehehehhee...tenkiuuuuuuuuu....=P

Got a lot to story,but later on yaa..super buzy at d moment...Mohd Firdaus --> saye syg kamu...=P

Thursday, October 15, 2009

::Kenape saya sayang awak...::

Kenapa ek saya sayang awak..??? (nak bodek sebenarnye..hahaha..i know we`ve been thru a lot lately..but u are the only sayang in my heart..untuk selamanye..=)..of coz long distance love is hard,but we`ll get thru it 2gether k syg..)

Back 2 the topic, kenape saye syg awek??

1. Anda setia mendengar bebelan saya,walaupun kadangkala bebelan itu langsung tiada kena mengena ngan anda..=P..(ex: i called u just to nag about my dinner.i dunno wat to eat at dat time and anda yg jadi mangsa,sori syg...=P..)

2. You`re there everytime i need u..last 2 weeks, i said my kitty is sick and i really need u near me, well u ponteng keje just to stay at my apartment + clean my room...huhuhuh,thx sayang..eventho i have to say, u really impressed me dat day..i never tot u will clean my room..ahaksssss..macihhhh...

3.You will escort me to my houz and wait till i WAS INSIDE the houz b4 u drive back to ut houz...i feel really save sayang...

4. You will drive past my houz after work,usually early morning(back in Nilai) everytime u miss me, dat is so sweet syg.

5. Everytime we have a quick date,just for a express dinner or lunch or even supper..u will angkat my superheavy handbag plus laptop.

6. You will eat anything i cook for u including tawar meggi(i was soo tireed at dat moment..sorri..), halfcook daging (my mistake,,hey,u said u suke benda2 halfcook kan..=P.) and lots more...

7. You are sooo focus in looking at me and making sure i was ok, u crashed the car at the sideway...huhuhu..sorry i shouldnt ask u to pick me up at dat spot...

8. You teach me how to be a good kaki racing..just like u...=)

9. You will msg me b4 u go to sleep, dat shows dat i`m the last person u think of b4 u go to bed...

10. You will try to carik masa to msg me eventho u are so freakingly bz...i really appreciate it syg...

dats for now, i have more sebab why i love u so much syg..some are not mean to be shared with others..when i post this blog ,it is merely to shared my happinnes.i didnt mean to boast of or anything....=)

Mohd Firdaus , aku sayang kamu.....thx for a wonderful 7 months and counting...

::BFF forever::

A guy + a girl = 13 years relationship...
She is an application developer somewhere in Subang
He is a pilot flying around the world
Their world totally different

She said lets just be bff forever as she have found her Mr Right
He said I have put ur pix on my study table ( for the last 2 years )

She said someday u will meet ur own girl
He said nothing can compare to matter what..i`ll be in the background

She said we`ll be bff forever
He smiled

::Something 2 think about..::

Location: Subang Starbuck.
Time: Around midnite

Last 2 nite, balik keje around 10 pm,then Nar called,ajak lepak..he picked me up around 10.40 kot..hantar dib dlu balik umah..hehehe..intro je nih,ceritenye jap g..then sampai mcd subang makan dlu(lapar..huhuhu),then sambung lepak kat starbuck sebelah...nak dijadikan cerite ade ar satu couple satu chinese couple nih --> awek die ckp, i just cut my hair by half an inch..then balak die ckp ,reallllly i didnt notice it,,then teka ar apa jadi any awek will be react --> start la drama " how come u didnt notice it??? thingy and " u didnt love me anymore thingy"...hahahhaa..sorry but to me awek, dont u think u overreact?? i mean like come on la,,it is just half an inch..sape pun x kan prasan darl..=).. but the main point is i dont mean to be telinga gajah, listening to other's is just it is early in the morning,i`m tired...and in need of some humour..ahaksssss....dasar kaki bz body sebenarnyeeeeee....=P..weeeeeee...

Monday, October 12, 2009

::Monday Blues again::

He is on PMS and she dont bother to pujuk him, and btw guys are not supposed to have PMS k..=P. pls la syg,kamu bikin kepalaku a lot to story from mum`s surprise bday dinner to back to work again. later yaaa....=)

Friday, October 9, 2009

::Thx Dee..=P::

Mnyambung sesi percarian houzmate..ceeewaaa..=P

Ok,kalo nak tau sile scroll bawah dan bc blog b4 this...

Sewa adalah: Rm250/monthly
Subang Suria Apartment,U5

So sesape yg berkenaan sile la text yaaa....and I got a lot of text asking whether the area is clear or not,well as the advertise says --> it is crystal pls dont ask me again and again. Sesi melawat rumah adalah waktu malam shj aroud 10/11 pm ke..--> i should be home then..=)

p/s --> Dee, x sabar nak pi open houz nyet ko..=P n thx for memberitahu ek...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

::Housemate wanted!!!::

Well currently one of my houzmate is moving out, we get to carik another houzmate..yeaayyyy!! My favourite part, .....hehehehe..its like back to zaman U dlu, buat interview for Ajk Selection, it was so fun..selecting the best out of the best..hahahaha..ikut sedap badak je sebenarnyee..nampak cam best je, okehh cantek ko jadik ajk aku..hehehhee..hasilnye in the end of the term,habuk pon tarak..=P...well it was an experience to me..i really love it...So whoever or know anyone that fit those criteria, dont hesitate to text/call me yaaa. Its like houzmate shopping to me..=P is so much funnn...=P Mai mai pilih...ahahahahahhaa..=P I have no idea why currently i hv this new habit which is i tend to gelak sorg2 --> one guy said "U ni sgt menakutkan,gelak sorg2.."..ahaksssss...btw back to the houz business, here`s the criteria...-->

House is fully furnish ( masuk melenggang jek)
Malay female + working
"Open minded" plus know how to keep it well ( if u got wat i mean)
Home person --> since i`m always outside, so u gotta be home otherwise sape nak tgk umah kan..

hmmm..tu je kot..not much rite...hehehhehee...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

::Bengang mode::

.Have plan a quick dinner on Thursday nite + tgk wayang kot kalo smpat....suddenly Mr Bos: Mlm khamis ade meeting ek...lepas Maghrib. Perghhhhh!!!! Dugaannnnnn............. Sayangggggggg,suweynyeee minggu ni.dah la u hv to work on weekend skg ni nak jumpe kejap on weekdays pon tak bolehhh.duh!!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just realized i do say things randomly.out of on sunday,and yesterday.sorry sha,didnt meant to get mad at u,i`m just too bz at the moment and i really need 'me time' also.sorry.Lupekan wat i wrote for yesterday blog..abaikan sudaaaa..=)

Monday, October 5, 2009

::Missing u::

Still di office( time: 7pm), lots of hati dah melayang jauh back to Nilai (T-rex la tu..=|..)...Suddenly i miss him so so sooooo come he have to work there and i`m here..huh!!! How come we cant be like others couple, together come we can only meet for just a quick brunch or dinner ????.others like spend every second 2gether but us?? we only have like wat?? at max 10 hour per week, syg..i hate this so much and i miss u so much...=`( ...i am soooo gonna find a job at Klia so dat we can always b 2gether ....

::Expect the Unexpected::

Today morninf,b4  g keje and balik Subang, i was thinking of doing sedikit spotcheck of my beloved T-Rex...he's house is somewhere in Nilai Spring and I know he will be home since its only 8 am,so sape yg g keje seawal 8 am rite(except me, the psycho gf --> sori yang i really dont trust u nowadays) bajet igt la area umah die,,sekali sesaaaattt...hahahaha...yeahh, En T-rexxxxxx, ur awek sesat on the way to ur maybe its a sign rite dat i shouldnt do dat on u,dat i shud trust u as much as u trust me..rite darlink.?


p/s --> I really hope x ade lalat busuk antara kite if u know wat i mean...we've been so bz nowadays we dont even get to see each other syg...its been so hard not seeing u....=(

Friday, October 2, 2009

::Sorry,thx btw...::

To En Amar--> thx for the offer btw..sorry yea..=)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


My beloved Toffee sakit..diam aje,xnak mum said -->putus cinta kot...( ya riteeee)

::Touchy Mouchy..::

Something from T-rex dis morning(sms) --> To my greatest conqueror, morning i love u soooooooo much....aawwwwhhh...=)

::Thanx mummy, waaa sayang bangat sama lu...=P::

Yeayyy,my mum just installed Astro in our room,,Qid msg yesterday just to let me know..pasni sure x kuar blik weh...bertapa dlm bilik sudaaa..=P...b4 we have to watch outside,since dlm bilik cume de channel biasa jek...but now ahaksssss,( weh sis, sure ayah pelik pehal la anak die 2 ekor ni tetibe baik duk bilik jek...=P)

p/s -->Sis, try 2 bodek mum lak pasang water heater dlm blk air n repair our ac(tiap kali nak bukak ac satu rumah blackout...huhuhuhu -->so kitaorg mcm dlm sauna tiap2 kali hari pns sgt..=P). Tunggu ur beloved sis balik, waaa ader crita best mau story nih..haahahaha...