Monday, November 23, 2009

::At least I did the right thing::

Well my F**K owner refuse to pay my deposit.she said that i was supposed to bagi 2 months my other option is carik orang nak ganti den....buttttt then after thinking wisely and deeply..nahhh, baik jangan libatkan org least hati senang...i rather lost the money dari libatkan orang lain and rasa bersalah bout it...hmmmm...but to the owner,hell yeah,..makan la kau duit haram tuu..sumpah aku x halal kan.....duhhhh...=X

Thursday, November 19, 2009

.Nasi lemak.

Sayang, the nasi lemak we used to share rasa x sedap without u...='(

p/s --> i miss u so much..(hate the distance!!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I did it again..ahakssss

He called me the next Wolverine,,just bcoz i cakar..its tercakar actually....his tummy...sorry la sayang..i really really x perasan my kuku so tajam it can hurt...actually ada byk part lagi cuma u x prasan..ngeeeeeee...lucky me huh..=P

Hmmm....super susah nak carik tenant baru wouuhhh..huuuuuu

Life is hard and penuh dgn penipuan..hmm...I am soooo stupid when i let the owner take the 2 months deposit without asking her the main purpose ....well,its suck..and now that i`m moving out i baru tau yang i`m not gonna get back my deposit unless i inform the owner 2 months earlier..duhh,..u suck u now..damn u f**king owner...and now i`m struggling to get a new tenant so dat i can recover my deposit..bcoz if i didnt i will lost a few hundreds..duhhh is soooo unfair..and i feel super bodoh at the moment...!!!

p/s --> whoever read this blog, if u happens to know sumbody who would like to rent a room, just let me know a..the house is super complete plus the astro and broadband...seriously no kidding..=P...the reason i`m moving out is bcoz the place is a bit far from my workplace..=)...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::Super bz and I miss my Heartbeat::

Its 10 pm and i`m still at the opis, doing work like a real lunatic... and i`ve been here like wat, since 8/9-ish....hell yeah, hidupku super pathetic at the moment...huuuuuuuuuuu.. and tanpa kehadiran kamu by my side make my life worse bucuk....too many things to share..but too penat too later...daa~