Monday, November 16, 2009

Hmmm....super susah nak carik tenant baru wouuhhh..huuuuuu

Life is hard and penuh dgn penipuan..hmm...I am soooo stupid when i let the owner take the 2 months deposit without asking her the main purpose ....well,its suck..and now that i`m moving out i baru tau yang i`m not gonna get back my deposit unless i inform the owner 2 months earlier..duhh,..u suck u now..damn u f**king owner...and now i`m struggling to get a new tenant so dat i can recover my deposit..bcoz if i didnt i will lost a few hundreds..duhhh is soooo unfair..and i feel super bodoh at the moment...!!!

p/s --> whoever read this blog, if u happens to know sumbody who would like to rent a room, just let me know a..the house is super complete plus the astro and broadband...seriously no kidding..=P...the reason i`m moving out is bcoz the place is a bit far from my workplace..=)...

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