Monday, July 25, 2011


Dear God, i am so thankful for blessing me with my tweety.
Dear Tweety, i am so touched by ur LURRRVEEEE, u were there anywhere,anytime i need u...
  • TQ for every meal u ever cooked for me
  • TQ for every tears u ever shed for me..i am so touch every time u mengalirkan ur airmata jantan for me...(hik3),ESPECIALLY during the proposal!! =)
  • TQ so much, as u just proved how much devoted u r to me..
  • TQ so much for sacrificing on ur time for me(perghh, yang ni mmg x bole blah, u are the best!! )
  • TQ for giving me strength to move on..
  • TQ for all the laugh dan cries we share together!!!
  • TQ for every thing u ever spent on me =)
  • TQ for seeing me in my worst moment n still able to say 'I lap u, x kisah la u camne pon, i still syg u sorg..=P'
  • TQ for not getting mad at me for every bad thing i ever did (this applies to urself and u buddies...=P)
-best spageti pizza i ever taste-

-gay gay (the son)-

Monday, July 4, 2011

4 more months!!! =P

Its been hectic lately,so many things to do, so many heart to take care of...but we'll survive it rite sayang..its been gloomy since the day we have to part tp sabau je la..x lama da pon till kite akan disatukan..i am soooo looking for it to be by ur side 24/7...=)
Beli utk Gaygay tp die yg main..hmmm
     So we had a fun weekend..(again...=P)...transformers, spend most of the time hovering around in his place..(semenjak ade apartment sindri ni suke lak port tempat die)...hik3...
     Went back to Nilai on Friday eve, had dinner with Trex, we had the most fabulous bubur in the world...(Amira Seafood), sape2 yg datang BBN, sila la berkunjung ke kedai ni dan try bubur berlauk die...perghh,mmg layan..even Jalan2 Cari Makan pun pernah sampai sini, mmg terbaekk..then on Sat morning, jumpa Grace(our baju nikah designer),,utk amik measurement... for me jek...him? die xnak measure dlu,nk tunggu pas raya, takut body mengembang /mengecut..kih3...totally lega sebab da dapat baju nikah plus baju sanding skali...!!! yeaaaaayyy..thx yayang, i lap u so much! then habis discussion around 12 kot,, port McD lak, usha brg hantaran,ade yg x cukup lagi..(hbags n his stuff)...usha tenet jap,,kah3..almaklum pemalas, so sume nk on9 jek..kredit n sampai,,senang kan..otw balik ke apartment die, nampak lak ade org jual durian,,ehemm,,,ade org ngidam lak, so singgah la jap..balik..move on to our next project,spagetti time,,it is suppose to be my turn cooking (last week he cook for me)..he helped me a lot of course (I SUCK AT COOKING!)...
tunang mithali...=P
i am so proud of my spagetti..wakakah..
Da halfway br teringat nk letak herbs die..huhuhu
Nite time is Transformers time..!! show start at 8.45, habis at 11 sumthing...totally 5 stars!!! i love it so much..x sabar nk tunggu dvd die kuar nnt...!! .=P..hopefully ade blueray gak...lg best!!!...Then aroound 12 kot, g supper bihun sup..(downtown)..balik kul 3/4 kot..trus dats how we spend our saturday..sunday lak nnt la next entry kot..(da malas nk type...hik3)