Monday, October 5, 2009

::Missing u::

Still di office( time: 7pm), lots of hati dah melayang jauh back to Nilai (T-rex la tu..=|..)...Suddenly i miss him so so sooooo come he have to work there and i`m here..huh!!! How come we cant be like others couple, together come we can only meet for just a quick brunch or dinner ????.others like spend every second 2gether but us?? we only have like wat?? at max 10 hour per week, syg..i hate this so much and i miss u so much...=`( ...i am soooo gonna find a job at Klia so dat we can always b 2gether ....


  1. Qila...Nabila ni yg tumpang tdo 1 mlm tuh ;p
    keje katne skang?same place ke?

    btw, nabila add qila kat bloglist nabila ok? :)

  2. thx Nabila..i'll link u back..=) ..xoxo..


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