Thursday, October 8, 2009

::Housemate wanted!!!::

Well currently one of my houzmate is moving out, we get to carik another houzmate..yeaayyyy!! My favourite part, .....hehehehe..its like back to zaman U dlu, buat interview for Ajk Selection, it was so fun..selecting the best out of the best..hahahaha..ikut sedap badak je sebenarnyee..nampak cam best je, okehh cantek ko jadik ajk aku..hehehhee..hasilnye in the end of the term,habuk pon tarak..=P...well it was an experience to me..i really love it...So whoever or know anyone that fit those criteria, dont hesitate to text/call me yaaa. Its like houzmate shopping to me..=P is so much funnn...=P Mai mai pilih...ahahahahahhaa..=P I have no idea why currently i hv this new habit which is i tend to gelak sorg2 --> one guy said "U ni sgt menakutkan,gelak sorg2.."..ahaksssss...btw back to the houz business, here`s the criteria...-->

House is fully furnish ( masuk melenggang jek)
Malay female + working
"Open minded" plus know how to keep it well ( if u got wat i mean)
Home person --> since i`m always outside, so u gotta be home otherwise sape nak tgk umah kan..

hmmm..tu je kot..not much rite...hehehhehee...

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  1. Aku paham bab open minded tu.

    WEHH! Taruk la harga sewa skali.ishhhh~ hahahaha. :P Dengan tempat kat mana.Kang orang tanya ko tak payah jawab banyak kali dah..hehe


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