Thursday, October 15, 2009

::Something 2 think about..::

Location: Subang Starbuck.
Time: Around midnite

Last 2 nite, balik keje around 10 pm,then Nar called,ajak lepak..he picked me up around 10.40 kot..hantar dib dlu balik umah..hehehe..intro je nih,ceritenye jap g..then sampai mcd subang makan dlu(lapar..huhuhu),then sambung lepak kat starbuck sebelah...nak dijadikan cerite ade ar satu couple satu chinese couple nih --> awek die ckp, i just cut my hair by half an inch..then balak die ckp ,reallllly i didnt notice it,,then teka ar apa jadi any awek will be react --> start la drama " how come u didnt notice it??? thingy and " u didnt love me anymore thingy"...hahahhaa..sorry but to me awek, dont u think u overreact?? i mean like come on la,,it is just half an inch..sape pun x kan prasan darl..=).. but the main point is i dont mean to be telinga gajah, listening to other's is just it is early in the morning,i`m tired...and in need of some humour..ahaksssss....dasar kaki bz body sebenarnyeeeeee....=P..weeeeeee...

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