Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Countdown to the BIG day!!!

Just 2 more weeks to the big day, byk lg kot x siap (kalut, kalut..huhuhu)....gubahan hantaran, his baju, photographer..(hmmm,xde la byk kot)...gubahan? mum has been changing the mak andam since last week, so we havent decided yet nak guna sape to gubah my hantaran, (ours actually)...cepat la mum, i really dont care who did it, as long as u get it settle as fast as possible,,,(kepalaku da nak meletup nih, hantaran x siap lagik..!!!..huhuhuu)...Trex`s baju, we`ll get it by the end of this week, we opt for kemeja, no baju melayu please.--> my mum n his mum said macam nak nikah lak..hak3...(so hopefully we`ll get sumthing,  knowing that mamat gebu sgt cerewet..ha3, please syg, u better get ur shirt by this week or else i`ll turn to pink incredible hulk! Seriously, i mean it!!...xtau la, tp mcm i`m the only one yg kalut for this tunang thingy..Trex of course concentrating on his work, buat2 dont know, leaving everything to me..once in a while he will call me saying "cuak la sayang"...yea la tu, like i x cuak !!!..=D....x sabar nak tunggu 21/11/2010..I`m getting engage!!! yeayyyyy..=D Oh yeah, i still cant find henna design that i like, need to bagi to the mak andam by this byk jugak la sebenarnye x settle lagi  ...=(

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