Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Finally,,lama gile dol x update..hahhaaa..so many things happen lately...i passed my fyp --> thx to rezal,syed,t-rex of coz for being there and for helping with the fyp..to be in details..rezal --> thx for the support,couldnt done this without u --> eventho kekadang idea kamu  "sgt gile"..macih eventually...syed,well how do i start..u`re the nyawa of this project..without u konpem2 gue fail ..ahakssss...thx a lot bro..i reallllly owe u for that...and of coz,sayang--> tenkiu for the stats part --> i never knew u`re so good in math(ahaksssss..bole ke cakap camni,,,=P)...then...wat else....hmmm..will be konvoing (btol ke ni??) in august...goin for umrah in september (insyaallah)--> i`m so excited...=)..will be turning 24 next week..ahahahhaaa....tp xde plan pepe lagi pon..huuuuuu..buah ati tercinta so bz so x sempat nak plan..k fine..plan sindri celebrate suda..hahhahaha.(patethic yes i know)...somehow we've been so bz we dun even talk about things we used to talk anymore, we dont hugs anymore,and we dont say sweet things to each other anymore..at least not as much as b4 ,not for now...but then god knows how much i love him..and i know he feel the same too. he`s still will be rempiting all the war from nilai to subang if he feels i were falling down..so i guest we`re ok...=)..of coz,,we are chasing our dream,,well at least he is chasing his dream as i still dunno wat to kejar...ahahahhaaa..seriouslllllyyyy!!! life seems to dull unless he is by my side or if my family are by my side....so i guest i am useless...at the moment...=P...and yessss....i manage to broke my latest phone ...eventually baru 4 bulan gune kot...yesss x hagak2 tanpa segan silu saye memecahkan hp yg telah diberikan oleh mr t-rex kepada saya awal tahun ini..hahahaa...well,,the phone termasuk dlm cadar which happens to be in washing machine..sape ler nak sedar kan ade phone dlm cadar tu..kan kan??,....so tau2 bile da habis spin hp ku juge siap dibasuh sekali..hahhaa..mmg bersepai....tadak harapan nak selamatkan da..keh3..t-rex comment--> xpo la,,nak buat camne..dpt awek ganas camni...k fine!!..hahhaha
sori syg, u know i never meant it rite........xoxo...

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