Tuesday, September 8, 2009

::Top 10 Reasons Why U're Not My Sayang --> this is specially for Mr. Bean::

1. U never appreciate me
2. It always have to be ur way --> u're the great one, u're the smart one...duhh
3. U never like my cooking --> siap boleh demand lagi tu, org da nak masak tu amik je la
4. U're coward --> Blah cam tu jek,ape kes weh...jgn harap la nak pi pujuk, such a mommy'` boy
5. U always say --> sayang,cuba la kurangkan parut2 tu --> nobody's perfect dear
6. Mommy's boy --> u call ur mom likeeee thousand times a day??...=)
7. Ur friends are more important than me --> BIG mistake honeyyyyy
8. I hate ur bestfriend's gf --> she is sooooo annoying and berlagakkk
9. U come and go as u wish --> to fall in love is a lifetime commitment dear
10. I hate the way u ask 4 my money--> duhh,dat is soooo not gentlemen

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