Tuesday, September 1, 2009

::Top 10 things I forgot to bawak n have to wait another 4 days 2 get it back::

1. My Pda
2. My Pda charger
3. My video cam --> I broke my phone so have to rely on it to snap pix..huuuu
4.Toffee' cage ( so i can cat-nap a cute kitty i  saw in my apartment area..=P
5.T-rex's face towel --> my multipurpose towel, can use it to lap my laptop, my spec..bla bla...
6. "This is my bf " tee
7.My Nose sandal --> its Qida's actually..i pow it from her
8.Pewangi kereta --> i even forgot to buy it..so this is an exception..=P
9.T-rex shirt --> i'm not sure bout this one, mcm ade terpegang pg td...huhhuu
10. My heart --> I tercicir my heart with my t-rex....='(

So this is a prove that i am such a nyanyuk thingy alive...=P

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