Monday, September 14, 2009

::Countdown to raye::

Ari ni sampai awal kat opis, excited je sebenarnye..hehe.cepat start cepat abis keje plus thx 2 Dib, she`s not feeling well 2day, so i dont have to pick her up.otherwise i have to berpusing-pusing -->from highway balik rumah dlu which have to melintas opis (looks a bit cacat since dah melintas opis pun tp hv to amik Dib dlu) then amik Dib then baru ke opis..Pelik kan..hahahaa..So itu adalah salah satu sebab saya awal sampai opis ari ni..9 am tu beb (bangga bangga...=P)...Then.still have a lot of thing to buy for 2nd baju raya,kerepek2,jajan,kacang2 and watsoever..still havent post kad raya for sahabat2 ( sorry guys i'll post it this week..)..Gonna be super busy this week. Hmm...then wat else...T-rex just msg last nite telling he need to buy a new jean and 2nd baju raya also (so maybe we can go for shopping on Friday b4 balik kg)..and yup, Qid getting/buying her 2nd baju raya 2day --> i`m so jealous that baju is soo lawa =P.....rasanye itu je kot 4 the moment..will update later..still got a lot to story but then i have to sambung my keje ..;P....daa~

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