Tuesday, September 15, 2009


On my desk (at the moment)
1. My laptop
2. My Hp
3. My Pda
4. My Diary aka buku hutang
5. My kaler2 pen (including my pencil case)
6. Listerine (utk mengelakkan nafas berbau...hehehe)
7. Sampul angpow kosong (hehehe,tgh calculate nak isi brape..)
8. Toiletries bag
9. Lots of pocket tissue
10. Microsoft Official book on .Net (wat else a programmer need rite)
11. Hp charger
12. Lots of sticky note
13. Mini notebook
14. Company phone (i rarely use it,so i dont know the combination actually..=P)
15. Lots of notes and diagram bout our latest project (which looks like an alien language to me)
16. My car key,house key both subang and nilai..i bundle it up 2gether so senang nak carik..and senang gak nak ilang coz kalo satu ilang sume ilang plus the pencuri get access to everything....huuuuu

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