Tuesday, September 15, 2009

::Dont ever invite 2 different people on a same occasion::

Nak dijadikan cerita..semalam me invite my best buddy Nar and my other best buddy Sha over for berbuka puasa. Patutnye ajak Nar je..since da lama x jumpe die and kebetulan lak mamat ni x fly dan ade kat Malaysia skg so bole la ajak lepak2,story2,gossip2...then suddenly around 4.45 Sha lak call kata da on the way. Okkeyy..time tu pk ok lagik,,xpe dorg bleh get along kot. The nite-mare start bile kitaorg sampai Subang Parade, since I have to cabut awal so I left my handbag kat opis...tetibe bos lak call, wondering where the hell this 'mangkuk' suddenly hilang ( I am sooo good in dissapearing suddenly, mcm pelesit bak kata T-rex). Itu ok lagi, bile ktaorg dah jumpe, me.sha and Nar...bertekak la pulak nak makan ape..huuuuu..sadis tol, Nar wants Nandos, Sha wants something simple like...and totally dont like Nandos..and daku tersepit in the middle. They look like 2 jantan cats getting ready to get into fight. Both of them have been making faces at me....and i am so totally "Damn, this is soo gonna be the last time we'll hang out ber3,next time will be one on one basis. Duhhh......So sorry guys. I really tak terpk u guys wont get along. To Nar--> next time when u get back from Jeddah we'll hang out again k....To Sha --> weh, jom shoppingggg...!!!...=P

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