Monday, August 17, 2009

:: My BF fix my anklet at the hardware store!!!!..arrgghh ::

Duhh, like the title dearly T-rex fix my anklet at the hardware store..duhh. Sayang, for ur info my anklet is a silver it is not a metal or besi or watsoever... and there's such a thing as store that can repair broken silver thingy..duhhhh...I dunno whether I such feel bangga because my darlink men-samakan my anklet with hardware thingy..or maybe i should " what the heck r u doin darlink???!!!!....duhh..huh!! I am really speechless at the moment...but by the way sayang,thx for repairing that anklet for me..I love u so much...( of coz...despite of wt u have done with my anklet..=P.)

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