Monday, August 10, 2009

:: GiJoe ::

We planned to watch GiJoe's midnite show last Friday after work( cehh..semangat ni countdown dari pagi nak tunggu kul 6) but then we ended up at Subang Parade,Carrefour and mamak for chatting. Duhh...hahahaha..sorry syg,lu tau lu punye bini is a lousy driver..Well what happen is I got lost..and I got kalut so dat automatically make me 'loster'(is there such as word.??)..The movie is suppose to start at 11.30pm at Sunway Pyramid and at 10pm i`m still at 'heck i dont know where am i' T-rex suggest ' Sayang, why dont we meet up sumwhere else where u familiar?' huhuhuh....sedey x dapat tgk GiJoe. So we ended up at Subang Parade(carik barang rumah skit), Carrefour for dinner( i am so kebuluran at that moment, i dont bother to wait for T-rex to get his meal...ahakss,sori darlink) and then we lepak at mamak for heart to heart chatting + gossiping + kutuk-ing( i love my t-rex, u are soooo my best fren sayang..=P) After apologizing like mad for my lousyness, T-rex as usual will say 'its ok sayang, u're my baby, i'll do anything for u'..hehehe so dengan muke tak bersalahnyee i tanya him why dont we try again for Sunway Pyramid next week, same movie same place...then incredibly he says 'hahaha, sayang why dont we go sumwhere else where u familiar like the Mines '...ahhh, my own bf dont believe my driving skill..cehhhh.cissss..hampeh..xpe2..I'll make sure i'll learn all the jalan2 di KL so i wont get lost again.. I promise u this this week plan is I was hoping to catch the movie and then maybe browse around IKEA for my new furniture( kalo jumpe jalan la)..besides that i have a feeling that i`m gonna be a bit bz this week since I still have to catch up with other senior programmers...lets wait and see whats gonna happen later.....but one thing for sure i cant wait to see my sayang.. oh yaa, we ( me and Qid) went to jalan2 cuci mata at Sogo yesterday, it was great lot of sales and we bought a lot of choc since there are having choc sales at Sogo....=)..cant wait to lepak with u again u so muchh...xoxoxo

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