Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Truly Nyanyuk

I know I am so truly nyanyuk when:
  • I kept coming back home to Nilai when everybody else xde rumah (no Trex, no parents..)
  • The morning after aku balik rumah yg xde parents balik kg whatsoever...I called my mum and ask "Mana nk carik nasi lemak ek kt sni?" What the ****?? Its my hometown kot!
  • I kept forgetting nama jalan to go to Aza house..last time I asked her.."Weh, ape nama jalan tempat ko yg ade nama kawi kawi tuh??" And she replied "Hangguk ko kawi kawi, BAKAWALI la!!"" Serius wehh!!
  • I kept forgetting Trex number! My parents, even QIda pon..lagi weh..definitely no clue at all!!
  • When we're together and I`m the one yg drive..I kept asking Trex " Betul ke jalan ni" thousands time..huuuu
  • And so on..byk lagi..but u get my point rite?
Giler weh, baru 25 yrs old dah gile nyanyuk..camne lah dah jadi veteren nnt..konpem lagi nyanyuk!!

p/s --> Aza, if u're reading this, where the hell are you?? aku ym x reply, call x angkat, msg x reply..i`m getting worried here, like seriously! We were supposed to view my potential house this weekend REMEMBER?? So better ko jgn menghilangkan diri!!...Call me ASAP!..=P

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