Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My Trex kitty passed away this morning..
Our last picture together

He was bitten by dogss (bangang punye anjing!)..masa Trex realize die kena gigit anjing pon, he was wayyyy to weak to stand up, bleeding to death, which rasanye should be painful and slow death..=`(.
I guess it will be hard on Trex since he adores Gay2 so much, and it is harder for me to see him in that condition...I was close to tears when Trex said he havent buried Gay2 yet, instead he put Gay2 inside his car and take him along to work...which make me wanna yell, WEY,I`M HERE, PLEASE DONT BE SAD,I'LL REPLACE UR GAY2..huuuuuuuuu...

So i guess i`ll be leaving for Nilai this eve, to be by his side and make sure he tanam Gay2...=).

Alfatihah, kucing pon makhluk ciptaan Tuhan gak kan, x salah sedekahkan al fatihah utk die..

So for Gay2, thx for the smile u have brought to my Trex, Trex adores u so much and he was soo happy having u as his kitty,walaupon sekejap..but we will treasure the moment..

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