Friday, September 23, 2011

My Soon to be Husband is my BFF but...

  • We went shopping together (he loves shopping more than I do)..and he is definitely the best shopping buddy I could ever ask for
  • We went fishing together (well, at least he is fishing, I just duduk dkt jetty gobble up all the junk food we brought) ..=P
  • We eat a lot! (like seriously a lot)..
  • We change Tshirt (well, I rembat from his almari actually) just like BFF does...=D
  • We gossip about people surrounding us (He is good in kutuk2 part, like a true girly girl)
  • We korek jerawat each other, wax the ear,..even to the point who is gassier and bole terbelahak lagi kuat..
  • He cooks for me (I`m a BAD cook, seriously I cant even masak nasi with right amount of water and rice!)..=}
  • ...and so on...
Banyak lagi sebenarnye but this is not my point, bile dah terlebih BFF rather than fiance/fiancee relationship, so we tend to
  • Call each other names, a bad ones (mangkuk, badak.monyet)
  • Instead of I/U, lalink/Bucuk..sometimes we went for aku/kau
  • I tend to turn to him everytime I nk kutuk sesiapa (and him only, nobody else knows ), so all my past BFF mmg I xde update ape2 da..
  • So when he wasnt there for me (bz,outstation) and my girl BFF is not as comforting as him, my expectation of my girl bff is higher (wgich is ridiculous, sebab die tak di update langsung), so this is not good for our girly BFF relationship..=(
  • I even kutuk him to my event planner!! (I use to tell Mamat/mangkuk ni mmg super cerewet, its hard to please him, I cant take it anymore and stuff...)
  • Bile da suke bergossip, I lupe yg GUY normally dont gossip (so rasenye aku sindri yg merendahkan martabat aku depan die kan as he will think this type of girl ke yg nak jadi bini aku)
  • I critized his friend which I know is a big NO-NO , sape yg xtau kan, guys always adore their friend, who am I to interfere..At least he has a large group of friend and they grow up together and work at the same place AND NOT A BIG LOSER YG LONELY..=P
So its now we are getting married, its kind of hard for me to think of him as my HUSBAND, since we are having this kind of relationship..
  • He use to tell me WE should stop talking in AKU/KAU language ( x sopan nk ckp mcm tu to our future husband kan)..=)
  • After this while, bile we had a fight its always him that apologize first (eventho it is not his fault at all!)...I tend to merajuk and get mad over every single thing (once I get mad just because he`s late for our movie, walhal die lewat sebab he went to the cobbler first to pick up my shoes)...=|
  • I think I should kurengkan my baran, since I should not get mad at my husband over small things rite..berdosa siot!
So at the moment we are trying to kurangkan the gap and spend time with our normal friends, do things we use to do during our bachelor time..ENJOYING EVERY SECOND OF IT...


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