Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.Last Post as Miss A.

So in the next entry its gonna be Mrs bukan Miss lagi..I am so excited, definitely...banyak new problem yg arise but nothing can let me down at the moment as somebody said "Senyum sampai ke telinga"...hahhaha...we have gone thru so much to get here so I am definitely going to enjoy this moment....thx to the haters yg try nk spoilkan my mood, n yang try nk spoilkan my wedding,,sorry u are sooo x berjaya..and I wish u jumpe jodoh cepat ye,,xpayah la nk hasad2 dengki sume ni,setiap org ade bahagian sindri...=)

Till then.....=)

Ohh...thx kepada yg mendoakan..(thx jugak for the early presents)...=P

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