Sunday, December 6, 2009

::Sunndayy Mornin'::

Its 10 am, Sunday morning....andddd gue suda berada di opisku menyiapkan kerja2 yg sepatutnya...and mr bos keep saying i dont mean to torchure all of is just dat the are so may things to do and we are so near to please show ur commitment k...huh,,no problemos boss...well,this is the price to pay rite for applying 4 "application developer" after a full week of hard work,finally today gue boleh cabut awal...will be meeting T-rex later..venue: not sure yet..time: maybe 4-ish or deary friends --> sorry wehhh,,aku btol2 busyyy...nanti kite jumpe2 kite gossip ekk..huhuhuuhuhu.

p/s --> hari ni weekend but dont feel like weekend at all...xdpt pegi wedding syima&ikmal..huhuhuhu...suda burn sangat byk wedding sahabat2 tercinta semenjak keje...sedeyyy..

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