Monday, December 28, 2009

::Sayang, u just showed me how much u love me::

 No one else will ;-

1. Asingkan every single mix veggie from my nasi goreng  everytime i dont feel like eating..=)
2. Come over at 1 in the morning just to send my supper ( not to mention the travel distance from Nilai to Subang)
3. Stay around near my house in the middle of the nite when i`m too scared there might be a burglar ( it is just my imagination btw..=P, sorry u awek is so damn penakut...=D..)
4. Wait for me to finish my tomyam soup...(damn sayang,u waited for nearly an hour and in the end,,i didnt finish it pon..=P)
5. Abandon ur best friend just to hang out with me....nasibla kamu dpt awek yg kaki rebut..=P
6. Give me a love pendant out of nothing..and i love it soo much sayang..thxxxx...=P
7. Wake up at 6 am to kejutkan me eventho kamu baru masuk tdo at 4....huuhuhuhuhhu
8. Do everything u can to kurangkan my fever when i catch one.....thx sayang..i`m so grateful for that.
9. Say nothing eventho my kereta and bilik dah macam hutan belantara( i`m to bz k..thx for being so understanding btw..)
10. Best of all, thx for being my sayang and staying by my side during my ups and downs..i love u so much sayang..soooo damn much..=D

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