Monday, January 3, 2011

Its a New Year!!!

Well, new day come with a resolution, so my resolution for this year would be.....blank..........
  • shopping kot (i need to shop more...byk baju da worn out)
  • spend less time worrying about Trex (well, its a long distance relationship, i hardly trust him before..=O)
  • stop bugging Trex ( ya ya, i wont do that kind of "You better speed to Subang in a hour or u dont love me anymore" anymore...hak3..sorry, kesian kamu kan ade tunang super emo....=P)
  • enjoy every second of my life ( kepada sesape yg sebaya saya, wuiihh, tahun ni kite da suku abad woitt )
  • I want to learn to sayang Trex very much this year (bukan la x syg sebelum ni, cuma kalo gado asik nk menang jek..typical selfish,nk wat camno, disadvantage of being the youngest of 2,,so i`ll try to bertolak ansur this year....=) )

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